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  • Meeting Date: 07.09.2020
  • Reference: 27
  • Special Provisions: None


  • Ngozi Uduku - NU (Chair)
  • Oluchi Uduku - OU (Minutes)
  • Judith Altshul - JA
  • Reita Mohamed - RM
  • Brian Anderson - BA


  • Tracey Hayward-Allingham - THA
1.0 Introductions Action
1.1 OU welcomed all attendees. Introductions and apologies were noted. OU provided an update on how the practice had been fairing during the pandemic. Note
2.1 JA enquired about how the PPG is advertised to patients. OU confirmed that it is done via the practice website and New Patient Health Check Letters which go out to patients joining the practice. It is also advertised on the Large TV screen in the patient waiting area. Note
2.2 JA recommended that the practice put in place a system that will enable patients get in touch with the PPG. This could be through the practice website or indeed a notice at the entrance and on the Practice Notice Board in the patient’s waiting room. OU confirmed the once a Chair has been appointed this can be easily implemented. Note
2.3 RM enquired if extended reviews/comments can be made when responding to a text review request (I.e. – rate your experience with your GP today). OU has clarified that this is possible and some patients do provide an extended rating this way. Note
3.0 Minutes of the Last Meeting  
3.1 JA requested that minutes are issued soon after the meeting. This was noted. Note
3.2 Matter arising from the last meeting Item: 6.2 - JA requested a Report on which referrals have been most effected by Covid-19 and how they have been affected. This is outstanding and will be prepared for the next PPG meeting. OU apologised for this information not yet gathered. Note
3.3 Going forward Public Minutes will be approved and uploaded on the Practice PPG web page. Note
4.0 Update on events at the surgery  
4.1 Telephone consultations with clinicians have progressed and video consultations are enabled where required. There have been more patients attending the surgery following a clinicians request to do so. These have increased since the last PPG Meeting. The practice has a “live” Covid-19 Infection Control Protocol in place for patients attending the surgery. It is monitored and reviewed at the weekly clinicians meeting. Note
4.2 Cytology, all Immunisations and Antenatal Clinics are taking place as normal with the strict Covid Protocol in place. All other routine clinics are taking place via telephone consultation. Note
4.3 The practice has received its Flu Vaccinations for this year and it held its first Flu Clinic for 2020 on Saturday 12th September 2020. The clinic was carefully managed ensuring patients and staff followed the Covid Protocol for the day. Patients attended through the patient entrance and departed through the staff parking area via the staff entrance. The Clinic took place in the patient waiting area. The surgery has received a lot of good reviews on the management of the Flu Clinic. The next clinic is scheduled for Saturday 19th September. Patients can also book to have their Flu Jabs during the week as slots are available. Note
4.4 The PPG confirmed that the clinic was very well organised from the signposting to the ushering and to the time spent in the practice. It was a very quick process. This was well received by the surgery. Note
4.5 A member asked if the practice was experiencing reduced telephone calls with the eConsult Service and Internet booking service now in place. OU responded stating that the surgery line is still very busy; however a lot of the calls are from patients who are yet to receive a call from the Clinician that day. The practice has informed patients that a clinician can call at any time and patients should wait for the call. She noted that this has not gone down well with some of our patients. Note
4.6 OU also informed a member that the Over 75 dedicated Mobile phone number is “live” and calls are being received from patients in this age group over this line. NU informed the members that patients in general are not waiting that long anymore to get through to the practice. She noted that telephone consultations are shorter than face to face consultations with patients sticking to the problem for which they have called. The same amount of time is given and this is adequate for the consultation Note
4.7 Missed appointments mentioned in the Newsletter were discussed. 276 in the month of February 2020. The practice still experiences missed telephone calls as patients do not always take the call from the clinician for various reasons. Note
5.0 Friends & Family Test (FFT) Update  
5.1 OU gave a detailed breakdown on the FFT in the last 3 months. The percentages of those that would recommend the practice to friends were as follows:
May 83%
June 89%
July 88%
August 77%
Negative comments were reviewed. Majority of the comments all round have been positive. A member requested that for future PPG Meetings unusual comments and comments that need a response be highlighted at the meeting. Positive & negative needing attention.
  NU responding to a member stated that whilst telephone consultations are turning out to be the new normal this is generally not suitable or popular for the elderly and those with mental health conditions. Note
6.0 Member Nominations  
6.1 JA confirmed that she was happy to meet with OU before the next meeting to review the Agenda. The demographic of the PPG was discussed and the need to have representation from all categories. NU recommended that any communication en masse to patients should include an invitation to join the PPG on the footer of the letter. Note
  The Newsletter also advertises the PPG and this will be continued. Patients can also be emailed inviting them to the PPG Meetings. Note
  Members were in approval for JA to Chair the PPG going forward with a view to rotating this role. OU was extremely grateful for this offer. Note
  Minutes will be sent in advance to JA for approval along with the Agenda for next meeting. Note
7.0 AOB  
7.1 A member asked if there had been calls from patients enquiring about Covid being passed from children to parents and grandparents. NU confirmed there had been calls from parents regarding coughs and colds with their children and wondering if this was Covid. She noted that it is the detection of Covid that is challenging within the community, as patients are having to queue for their tests. Note
7.2 NU confirmed that Blood tests are being done at the practice and patients can book in for blood tests. Note
7.3 NU confirmed that orthopaedic referrals have been very much delayed by the pandemic. These referrals are at least a year in arrears. The practice tends only information pertaining to missed referral appointments and very rarely definite dates of when a referral is going to take place. Information is anecdotal. Note
8.0 Date of Next Meeting  
8.1 Monday 07 December 2020
Time: 6:30pm
Venue: Woodlands Health Centre

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